Our purpose is to use good business to make good things happen.

Entrada enables SAP outcomes through SAP people.

We are the solution to old school recruitment models and agencies.

Because the difference is: we come from SAP consulting.

We have used SAP, trained in SAP, supported SAP projects, advocate for SAP.

We have built SAP businesses, resourced and managed entire teams of SAP people for project delivery from within leading SAP Channel Partner Consultancies. And with credentials like these: we don’t have to act (or bill) like an agency.

Everything we do is geared to make good things happen for people, projects and the world beyond. Our entire business is aligned to sustainability principles and initiatives.

Enjoy the benefits of an authentic SAP resourcing solution that uses good business to make good things happen … even beyond the project.


SAP People by SAP People




Million saved in recruitment expenses







Now that SAP companies can book SAP talent on-demand at InsideSAP Careers, the time for “middleman” recruitment agencies has past.

InsideSAP Careers is digital enablement for SAP recruitment, with companies able to launch projects, see real-time consultant availability (even months in advance), schedule project work, hire permanent or contractor resources and make a difference to the environment as InsideSAP Careers plants trees for every person, every project, every month.

Lean Consulting – SAP Services

Entrada’s Lean Consulting provides consultancy quality SAP services, without the Tier 1 premium pricing, management overhead, license or annuity lock-ins.

Everything you need, nothing you don’t.

Our consulting people come from SAP Partner and System Integrator firms – some from global multinationals with an emphasis on professional services consulting, others from industry focussed consultancies bringing deep knowledge in a specific vertical … all with SAP certification, tertiary qualifications and proven consulting abilities.

Entrada’s Lean Consulting for SAP Services bridges access to these specialists direct to market, so you can leverage world class consultancy calibre people: at the competitive rate you’re looking for.

Lean Consulting is good business making good things happen for your project, your business and the world beyond.

Book a call for Entrada’s Lean Consulting for SAP Services … get stuff done.

SAP Resourcing-as-a-Service

Entrada broke the mould with this one.

Our hugely successful SAP Resourcing-as-a-Service model gives flexible access to market leading SAP Resource Specialists: meaning employers can have their own dedicated SAP specialist, ad hoc, when needed, without having to wear the enormous overhead of building their own internal resourcing teams or having to rely on pricey turnstile external recruitment agencies.

The model is the value of our time … and we find great people, really quick.

SAP Resourcing-as-a-Service has literally saved millions of dollars in external recruitment fees – no placement fees, no margins, no advertising expenses.

SAP Resourcing-as-a-Service gives business access to their own dedicated SAP Resource Specialist to augment their own talent capabilities, to ramp-up project teams, to support growth spurts or bring SAP specialist knowledge and credibility when launching new practices.

When you need us, however you need us. We’re SAP Resourcing-as-a-Service … at your service.

The Fresh Approach to SAP Resourcing

What ENTRADA does about …





What ENTRADA does about …


Ran 12 workshops over 8 countries across Europe for SAP people to come to Australia

Established global networks for the greatest reach

Supports Indigenous-owned business resourcing initiatives


They’re not candidates: they’re people

We don’t ‘brief’ them… we ‘comprehensive’ them

The best prepared SAP people, for best fit SAP delivery


Our Director is trained by the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability

We’re paperless, solar powered, carbon-offset compliant

Entrada actively supports both Environmental and Social Justice programs


We don’t charge percentages – because we don’t value people differently

We use equal effort, respect, care and communication for everyone

Percentages are for taxes and sales margins. We work with people

Entrada Consulting: #DefinitelyNotAnAgency

Yes, we specialise in enabling SAP outcomes through SAP people.

But the difference is: we come from SAP companies.

We believe you can’t be an expert in something you haven’t even used.

So after over 20 years working within SAP Partner Consultancies on SAP support, project co-ordination, resource management, talent acquisition, sales/presales and operations: we offer our exceptional, professional services quality resourcing solutions to businesses that run SAP.

We’re not sales. We’re not agents…

We’re SAP people.

And SAP people know SAP people better than anyone.

We don’t act like a recruitment agency, because we “solve”…. we don’t “sell”.

We don’t treat you like a product.

We speak SAP. That’s the difference.


About US

Leadership Team

AJ Moore

AJ Moore

Selena Love

Joss Separovic

Joss Separovic

AJ Moore

AJ Moore

AJ comes from 17+ years SAP experience – from actual SAP companies.

AJ’s SAP career began on an SAP help-desk, kick-starting a deep and first-hand understanding of SAP software, business application and challenges experienced by users and consultants.

AJ has held in-house positions at SAP Channel Partner Consultancies across SAP Resource Management, Presales, Operations, People and Program Management. She is tertiary qualified in the Arts, with a Deakin MBA and is trained in Sustainability Leadership from the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability.

She is an opera fanatic, a terrible cook, a prolific reader and avid believer in business being a driving force for good.

Connect with AJ: linkedin.com/in/ajmooreresmgt

Selena Love

Selena comes from 11+ years of SAP experience and is SAP NetWeaver Certified.

Selena is an expert in translating business requirements and project plans into meaningful resource specifications, mapping system needs into skillsets and capabilities to match the right people to the right project.

She aced her degree in Business, Marketing and Human Resources. Her zeal for technology makes Selena a relatable SAP specialist with a keen eye for opportunity and creative resource solutions that save companies a fortune in time and money.

Selena has too many dogs, is inseparable from her phone and has literally never missed a deadline. Ever.

Connect with Selena: linkedin.com/in/selenalove

Joss Separovic

Joss Separovic

Joss has 10 years professional services experience as a Solicitor, Resource & Operations Manager.

With degrees in Law and Philosophy, Joss has exceptional skills in business, legalities and people leadership. He has actual skills and extensive experience in business technology, change management and team building…. which takes the ‘sales’ out of understanding client requirements.

With a strong interest and professional experience in Social Justice from his solicitor days, Joss can often be found volunteering on the frontline of the vulnerable in our society.

Joss is an avid musician, is doing a Masters Degree part-time and still listens to music too loudly on vinyl.

Connect with Joss : linkedin.com/in/joss-separovic


“Our purpose is to use good business to make good things happen …
 for SAP people, SAP projects, SAP businesses and beyond.”


“Recruitment Agents are sales businesses that sell candidates.
We empower great SAP outcomes through SAP people.”

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