Strategic ERP services: Business support, growth & service delivery

Strategic Business Partner

Trusted support for successful enterprise


Secret weapon solutions when you need them

  • Specialist ERP/SAP demand generation, presales, bid and RFQ support
  • Service delivery, resource management & project co-ordination
  • Operations, process improvement and business collateral


ERP Resourcing as a Service

Agency & placement-fee free organic growth


Strategy, resourcing, delivery

  • Avoid recruitment agency placement fees forever
  • Take the smart alternative to the in-source/out-source dichotomy
  • Rapid project and practice build without expensive corporate stretch marks

Global ERP Delivery

Developing international capability & cultural diversity


World class talent & technology solutions

  • International network of mobile consultants & developers
  • Culturally diverse teams for todays’ global economy
  • Relocation, immigration, employment, logistics information and support for global citizens

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